If you put our dream destinations into a very large spreadsheet then cross reference: the ideal seasons in the various parts of the world; interesting festivals; major air routes; the (surprisingly strict) constraints of a OneWorld Explorer air ticket; the availability of group tours on three separate continents; and the price of sushi you come up with the following.
RTW flight

Our main round the world ticket covering about half of our flights. Blank planners can be found at for those interested...

Soundtrack: well, we had to include this at some point! Live version, remixed with Better Harder Faster Stronger, amazing.
  • End of May to 23 June - road trip across the USA from NYC to LA via the deep South
  • 24 June to 1 July - sailing round the Galapagos
  • 2 July to 21 July – Peru & Bolivia (including the Inca trail and the Bolivian salt flats)
  • 22 July to 28 July – Easter Island for the stone heads
  • 28 July to 2 August – Sydney and Cairns, great barrier reef in passing
  • 2 August to 21 August – Papua new Guinea for the Mount Hagen show
  • 22 August to 6 Sep – Vanuatu, a quintessential Pacific island, complete with hopefully not too active volcanoes and a hopefully not too active culture of cannibalism
  • Fly Sydney-Hong Kong, then on to Beijing
  • 8 Sep to 14 Sep – tour of North Korea including the Arirang mass games
  • 16 Sep to 11 Oct – East down the Silk Road, including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
  • 12 Oct to 22 Oct – western China (en route from Kyrgyzstan to Tibet), train to Lhasa
  • 23 Oct to 6 Nov - trekking in Tibet, then driving over the Himalaya to Kathmandu
  • Back to civilisation for a lost weekend in Hong Kong
  • 10 Nov to 21 Nov – Japan for the maple leaf season
  • 21 Nov – 23 Dec Thailand, Cambodia (Angkor Wat) and Burma (Pagan, Mandalay etc.)
  • Home for Christmas and some serious comfort food
  • 3 Jan – fly to Buenos Aires en route to Antartica
  • February - back to the UK to start the rest of our lives
travel flights v4

The master schedule. I have deliberately reduced the font size and resolution to replicate the full eye-bleeding impact of the original.

We would be delighted if anyone were to be passing through any of these areas when we were there and wanted to meet up.

3 thoughts on “Itinerererary

  1. Hi! Looks like a really cool trip you are doing! Im going to the Easter Island over new year and I wonder how much you had to pay for the quad bikes? Where did you rent them? Have a great trip!

    / Carl

  2. wow, what an amazing trip. Good on you for taking the plunge and living out your dream. I hope ole blighty doesn’t feel too cold! Lou
    P.s. I’m not a stalker ;-) I saw your profile on toby’s facebook, and wondered what you were up to. I didn’t expect this!

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