This will mean little to those of you have haven’t seen Pixar’s utterly excellent Up, but we’re off to Paradise Falls while we still can.

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  1. By the way, Michelle and I did watch this movie all the way through, and I was crying very hard at the end of it. So there! I do have a heart! :) Safe travels, James and Lucy!

  2. Hi Lucy and James,
    We enjoyed meeting you snd eating dinner together “family style” in Nashville. Hope you were able to go to Tootsies Orchid Lounge and Rippy’s downtown. You were probably too late to hear Anthony Orio, but you can check out his website and wath the youtube at http://www.anthonyorio.com.

    Rick’s godparents contacted me this morning regarding recommendations for your Memphis trip. Besides Graceland,The Peabody Hotel with the ducks in the lobby, and Beale Street, he suggested going to the Civil Rights Museum which includes the boarding house where James Earl Ray shot MLKing. It’s close to Beale Street, and Rendezvous Ribs is within walking distance. Another local favorite is Gus’s Fried Chicken if you can handle more southern country style cuisine after last night.

    Please call if you come to NC on your trip. We will enjoy following your journey and hope to keep in touch. We appreciated your words of wisdom to our son,Rick, who is trying to figure out his career path which includes investment banking. He has 2 more years at Vanderbilt, but is starting to send cover letters, etc. Your friends from Duke might enjoy knowing that our daughter,Morgan, is a “Double Dukie” as she received a BS Degree in French and Psychology in 2010 and is now in medical school there.

    Enjoy safe travels and take care,
    Karen and Richard

    • Ah, Mr Pointy, good to hear from you.

      We thought of you just the other day. The specific thought was: “I am glad Jo isn’t here, otherwise he would make us get out of bed in the middle of the night, leave our razor-wire encircled hotel compound, head into that nearby squatter settlement and track down the source of that loud, prehistoric-sounding ritual chanting.”

      Missing you rather.

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