We’d like to thank…

There are a number of our friends who have managed to fit long adventures into highly successful careers. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

Dan & Melora – the original travel blog


Crabs on the honeymoon - unfortunate

Tom & Eden – global ambassadors for packing cubes. Don’t laugh until you have tried them!


Visiting us in New York. TRUMP!

Ben & Jo – luckiest, most size-mismatched couple in the world


Ben - he's tiny!

Nick & Phoebe – loved it so much they did it twice


You lucky b....

Tracey & Mike - Lucy’s sister and broinlaw. The original six month honeymooners.

Tracey and Mike

Here deer here.

Cabe & Caroline – not because of their travel (although they do) but because they exemplify the ability to have fascinating cultural experiences without ever leaving home.