The Journey Begins…

A short post: today, perhaps counterintuitively, is the start of our journey.

It turns out that round the world air tickets are significantly cheaper if you start and finish in South America than if you book from the USA (the cheapest are actually from Sudan – go figure!). As such, to date we have been travelling on airmiles, half a cheap LAN South America air pass, local buses and one actual long haul air ticket we actually paid actual full price for. Our official Round The World ticket starts today, with the LAN flight from Easter Island to Santiago de Chile.

Life is tough.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

    • Saw the opening ceremony in Santiago, which was great, particularly after half a bottle of wine for lunch. Since then, though, we’ve been getting mainly Aussie based coverage of the events – so I can tell you more than I ever wanted to know about the mens 4x400m swimming relay (Australia missed out on a gold – reading between the lines their top swimmer and general all round golden boy totally messed up and lost them the race. Oops), but I’ve no idea how the UK did. Did we get any medals? How was the closing ceremony (thought about watching it but it was on at 4am here and I’m just not that patriotic!! Instead of Olympics though we had the PNG Mt Hagen show, which we’ll post piccies of shortly. Think 400 natives in full on costume (face paint, grass skirts, thousands of shells), all dancing and playing drums. Never seen anything quite like it!
      Hope you and the boys are well – lots of love, LJ

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