One for the Girls

(OK, and maybe Tim. But basically, the girls.)

So I bought some fabric in Uzbekistan – ikat fabric, which is made out of silk and hand woven on a loom which is a little narrower than I am. It’s really beautiful stuff and was cheap as chips – but now I have to work out what to do with it, so that when I get to somewhere with a tailor, they can magic it into something fabulous.

So, by the magic of camera and Powerpoint (all the famous designers use it sweetie), I’ve come up with the below 3 ideas. Need to be different to avoid my re-naming as Ikat girl, and also I don’t have that much of the black fabric so that one probably needs to be a shift.

Any better ideas, girls?

Answers on a postcard.

3 thoughts on “One for the Girls

  1. Hellooo! I really like the skirt – lots of nice colours so easy to accessorise with. Both dresses are also nice and the black one could also work with a belt. If you’re looking for other ideas, I’ve seen a few people wearing this shape of dress and it can look very nice:

    As another idea, how about a tunic style dress with long floaty sleeves. The sleeves could be in a chiffon to match the main fabric – could end up being quite dressy and a bit different again. Here is the sort of shape I’m thinking of:

    Do keep us posted with piccies of what you get made (preferably being worn!).


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