Mount Hagen – Backgrounds

Dancing, chanting, parading, marching. The amazing Mount Hagen show. The photos and the backgrounds only partially do the place justice – for that you might have to wait for the video!

4 thoughts on “Mount Hagen – Backgrounds

    • Thanks Ben. Once again proof positive that if you give two bozos with very limited camera skills (i) a nice enough camera, (ii) extraordinary things to photograph and (iii) a very big memory card then at least SOME nice photos will come out of it!

        • Ah, yes. Ahem. You may have noticed that some of our other commenters feel reasonably strongly about this – a point we will be addressing in a future post. Sotto voce, the brand-that-shall-not-be-named is actually the main title sponsor of the Mount Hagen Show, and their logo and name is plastered absolutely EVERYWHERE. We have been as judicious as we reasonably can in removing the aforementioned brand from all our photos – personally I feel quite a sense of achievement if only two crept through!

          Now, where is that Pepsi sponsorship that was promised?

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