Come on Down, the Price is Right!!

OK, so this is our luxury accommodation in the outskirts of Port Moresby, ugliest and most dangerous city in the South Pacific, for our last night in PNG:


  • One bed, double, with sheet (I’ll give it a 5 out of 10 on the cleanness scale)
  • One bed, single (cleanliness of sheets unexamined)
  • One 1970s era TV
  • One desk, chair and shelving unit. All old and frail, none matching
  • One A/C unit, sporadically functioning
  • One cockroach (soon to be ex-cockroach once it met its fate in the shape of James’ boot)
  • Shared bathroom facilities

So – what price this room? Answers through the comment facility, winner gets a FREE NIGHT at this luxurious establishment*.

By the way, the price we’d been quoted was rather less (some confusion as to whether 2 people could fit into a single room…..). That’s the price we paid – so we left PNG with a rather real threat of police action descending on us. My father would be proud ;-)


* You’re paying your own airfares though. Cheapskates.

5 thoughts on “Come on Down, the Price is Right!!

  1. I’ll go for $250. And what no car chase? Not sure Dad would be that proud – you’ve still a way to go before you reach his standards!

  2. Is that the en suite toilet on the floor just to the right of the shelving unit / fridge? Priceless!

    • Well, the answer, for those of you who have waited with baited breath for us to get a fast enough internet connection to reply to people’s comments without tearing our hair out in frustration is … US$130 a night, no breakfast. The difference between that and the $180 that the hotel night manager thought they had quoted us was the reason they locked the gate and threatened to call the police.

      Incidentally, for that much money you can get a night in a beautiful suite in a hotel in Beijing, complete with wall-to-wall wifi, bling bathroom, gym and free breakfast (with a free glass of champagne, for no good reason that we can think of). Economic relativity is a b****, huh?

      Ahhh, Beijing
      Ahhh, Beijing

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