Polar Plunge!!

James is much braver than me. Also much less susceptible to the cold and with less heebie jeebies about deep water.

So he got to do the polar plunge, whilst I relied on the protection of needing (needing I tell you) to be our photographer for the occasion to avoid having to dive off the ship, into the ocean, just off the Antarctic peninsula. Water temperature: oh, about 2 degrees Celsius.

And just for added fun, he knew that from where I was standing (armed with camera. Did I mention the importance, nay vitality, of recording this occasion?), it was actually quite tricky to see the people diving into the ocean until they were quite far out, so he made an extra special effort to do a really long dive so I’d be able to catch him. In fact, he probably spent the longest in the water of anyone on the ship.

Crazy mad fool.

[Manly voice] "AAAAAGGGGHHH. It's FREEZING!!!!!!!"

[Manly voice] “AAAAAGGGGHHH. It’s FREEZING!!!!!!!”

Five hours later...

Five hours later…

5 thoughts on “Polar Plunge!!

  1. Wow James. I thought it was actually lethal to be in water that cold for longer than a second! You have much bigger balls than I do, my friend. But I think we already knew that. :P

  2. Michelle, please don’t discredit the size of your balls. Yours are quite impressive. But, seriously, James, how many other folks jumped in with you? I thought a leopard seal or killer whale might consume you?

    • Note to self – never EVER get between Matthew and Michelle’s balls.

      Regarding other folks, am I allowed to say that I was the only person in the water at that specific time, and leave it at that? Or must I confess to being one of a queue of about sixty people?

  3. Ones balls might be a little smaller after jumping in that water! Sorry I couldn’t help myself

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